With our very well skilled staff, we give an efficient and quick service as well as a number of other services such as technical support, management of custom documents and customized deliveries.
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Given our strong experience in the off-road sector and with the support of our engineering staff, the added value that makes TEKNE PARTS much more than just a supplier of spare parts, is the specific advice and support that we can provide. We are able to provide, having only the chassis number, both the technical support and the identification of the specific part to be replaced.

We can give our clients a specific and personalized analysis of the criticality of the vehicles that often run in difficult situations and under harsh conditions and also  we can study solutions to implement the duration of both vehicle and of the parts. We offer our customers not only the whole range of ordinary programmed servicing but even strategic maintenance with the aim of preserving the vehicle with a costs cutting purpose.

Our priority is to ensure the maximum efficiency to our customers, by developing our service and assistance network and giving our customers the right solution to every problem. The strategy that daily we use in TEKNE PARTS is to be the automotive reference point, diversifying the range of offered services and ensuring quality at an international level.


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